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Hacker Public Radio

Your ideas, projects, opinions - podcasted.

New episodes Monday through Friday.

RSS Syndication

Advanced Settings.

rss logo Two week Audio feed

Use these feeds to keep up to date with the latest HPR Episodes.

  • ogg Larger file size higher quality feed in an approved audio format.
    Recommended for general use.
  • spx Small file size lower quality feed in an approved audio format.
    Ideal for dial-up/mobile connections.
  • mp3 Larger file size regular quality feed in a patent encumbered but common format. Please avoid if possible not recommended

rss logo Entire Archive Audio feed

Use this feed to get the archived episodes. The feed them selves run over 5Mb in size and so use them to download the archived episodes and when you are up to date switch back to the Two Week Feeds listed above.